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We're back.

We're developing the next generation of the project. Visit the Telegram for more info.

This product has not yet launched. Do not fall for imitators.

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Sick of dead-end meme tokens with zero utility? Looking for a real community lead by experienced marketers and trusted developers? 

You're in the right place. 
The Pokelon Project has been running since 2021 with a devoted community, devs who care and hand designed parody works that have been called "the most fun project in crypto" many times over. 

Pokelon allows you to catch, evolve and battle Pokelon real time in Telegram. There's a lot to learn. But we've got you covered. Head over
to The Pokelon Academy and learn how to get started!



Token Type: BASE ERC-20
Token Name: TBA
Total Supply: 300,000,000

Buy/Sell Tax: 9%
LP 3%
Marketing 2%
Buyback 2%
Dev wallet 2%

NEWS - 04/01/24

  • We're back. Details coming soon.

  • Fishing is now live! Simply go to the Telegram and type /fish and you'll have the chance to catch a rare water Pokelon every 24 hours. Rod upgrades in the farm!

  • We've officially opened the Pokelon Academy. Just getting started and don't understand how everything works? Everything you need to become the very best is here.


Our KYC'd, audited presale will be held in two stages with the final stage on Pinksale. That means you'll have two separate opportunities to get on presale!

We've reserved 150 whitelist spots, and are giving away 10 whitelist spots every day in our Telegram to active community members at 8PM UTC. Stay active and you'll be able enter the giveaways. And even catch rare Pokelon NFTs while doing it!

PRESALE: 1 BNB = 150,000 $POKELON 
0.1 BNB Minimum contribution
2 BNB Maximum contribution
BSCBay Raise: 100 BNB
Gempad Raise: 100 BNB
Pinksale Presale:
150 BNB Softcap
250 BNB Hardcap


Pokelon Giveaways. Daily.

You can catch rare Pokelon like the ones shown above every single day in our Telegram! Just simply drop by the Telegram at 8PM UTC and you'll be eligible to win a rare Pokelon, every day, just for holding.

And the best part? Unlike so many other projects, our NFTs are not just useless JPEGs that you can screenshot. These are fully functional game cards that you can evolve and use in battle against other Pokelon Trainers and win cash prizes up to $15,000!

Learn more about our various types of giveaways here!



If you're holding tokens, you should be staking! Head over to the farm and stake your Pokelon in order to earn points and claim Pokelon for free! Staking/unstaking fees less than $0.20!



The Pokelon Project has been holding daily giveaways since we first launched back in April and that will never change. But that's only one way to get your hands on Pokelon NFTs and become the very best. 

Click here to learn all the ways to catch Pokelon!


level up!

Our Telegram Community has a bi-weekly tournament where Pokelon Trainers can earn experience points based on how active they are in chat.

Earn enough experience and you'll level up! Everyday at 11 AM PST, we host "Golden Hour" where there are XP bonuses as high as 1000X! If you get to a high enough level, you'll land on the leaderboard and become eligible for special giveaways of rare Pokelon!

Check out our Telegram and check out the leaderboard here!

You're never too late! All levels reset twice a month!


Most base-level Pokelon you earn from the farm can be 
evolved! Simply farm or purchase a Moon Stone, Mars Stone or Dump Stone, bring it to the Elonmart, fill out a form and you'll receive the evolution of your card!

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The Pokelon Community has a separate chat called the ElonMart where you can arrange trades or buy and sell rare Pokelon NFTs!

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