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These Pokelon Work Hard!

Sweet Christ, have you ever seen a Jigglymusk out there in the field, rolling its sleeves up, getting it’s hands dirty and working hard to bring a fresh harvest before the bitter winter? It’s backbreaking, but it’s honest work. And you’re about to experience it first hand!

Introducing Pokelon Farming.

Now you can put your tokens to work on the Pokelon Farm. A new way for Pokelon Trainers to earn NFTs. While the rarest cards can still only be earned through giveaways and mystery eggs, this is your chance to get your hands on all of the common, uncommon and rare cards you want to beef up your Pokelon lineup for battle or trade!

How does it work?

It’s super easy! You can farm Pokelon NFTs by staking your tokens. Staking in this sense means locking away your tokens (for as long as you’d like) and earning points during the time that you lock them.

There's no minimum or maximum amount of time for staking. You can stake/unstake at any time and it only costs about $0.50!

Once you're staked, you will start earn points based on the amount of tokens that you stake and the amount of time you stake them. 

1 Staked Pokelon = 1 Point per 24 hours.

So, that means that 50 tokens = 50 Points per 24 hours
100 tokens = 100 points per 24 hours and so on.

How To Get Started

First, connect your wallet. 

Finally, you’ll see the “Staking Options Button”. Click that and click “Stake”. Input the amount of tokens you want to stake and follow the directions on screen. You’re all set!

how long to earn?

Time to claim (If you stake 100,000 $POKELON):
Common: 1 day
Uncommon: 2.5 days
Rare: 4 days

What can i earn on the farm?

In addition to a wide variety of Pokelon NFTs that you can use the evolve, battle and trade, there are also special items available on the farm. Here's a few of them:

Moon Stone/Mars Stone: Check your recently acquired Pokelon card and read the description. If it can evolve, it probably requires a special stone. These stones can be earned on the farm. Once you got the one you need, head over to the
Elonmart and exchange it to evolve your Pokelon and receive a brand new, stronger NFT!

Satoshi Ball: This special ball will allow you to enter special Satoshi Giveaways. Only Pokelon Trainers with this item can enter this giveaway type. Entering more giveaways increases your chances to win rare holographic Pokelon!

XP Potions: Ever notice how you earn XP sometimes when you post in the Elonballs Telegram? Earn enough XP and you can level up! Level up enough and you'll end up on the leaderboard. End up on the leaderboard and you can enter extra-special giveaways exclusive to leaderboard trainers. Don't have time for all that? Buy an XP Potion and you can jump ahead 5 levels! You're only limited to 2 every 2 weeks, though, so be strategic!


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